German Shepherd


The beloved German Shepherd was a working dog used to herd sheep and other animals.  Now they are utilized in disability assistance, search and rescue, and military and police work.  This is because they are highly intelligent, strong and trainable. 

This heart includes your custom text below the image of the dog. The text is on one line and contains a maximum of 14 characters. When checking out, please type in your text in the 'ORDER NOTES' box of your shopping cart. (If your kind of dog is not listed, kindly contact us and we can make it for you)

Healing Intentions
  • Our hearts are designed to increase calm and deepen authentic, soulful relating with oneself and others
  • Each color has been meticulously crafted to sparkle and bring positive energy and joy
  • Designed and finished in our Southern California studio
  • Formed with a high-tech, biodegradable and recyclable composite that provides exceptional strength and the ability to withstand accidental drops onto hard surfaces
  • Exclusive European-designed, soft-silky finish makes the surface warmer and more welcoming than stone and feel soft and luxurious to the touch
  • Each heart includes a premium display case
 Sizing & Dimensions
  • 1.6” (H) x 1.5” (W) x 0.6” (D)