Eureka Espanol

Eureka serves as CEO/President and Co-Founder of HeartVibes. She handles all aspects of production, finance and our presence in the marketplace.

Eureka holds an MBA from the Peter Drucker Center, Claremont School of Business.  She has been involved with HeartVibes since it's conception in 2014.

Annie Sylvester

Annie is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. She is also our Design expert who personally designs the artwork for each heart with each Client.

With an education and background in fine art, Annie is also a fine artist, photographer and Trend-Spotter.


Arturo is the Director of Operations and controls all phases of Production. He oversees the five steps of    manufacture with an emphasis on paint.

He personally mixes all our Custom High Quality Paint Colors as an artistic expression acquired through his love of Auto Paint Customization.

located in sunny southerna california

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